• Congrats!
    Also, I am very interested in your Dissertation, due to the fact that I flat out failed Hebrew. I have a hard time acquiring languages. Greek and Latin were horrible. I think it’s because I’m a tactile and ADHD learner in seminary. Those don’t really go together.

    • Amber,
      I’ll be glad to send you an electronic copy once I’ve defended at the email address you provided for your comment. I’ve got a couple people who want to read it now, so I guess I won’t have to have the doctoral student’s greatest fear – that no one will actually read their dissertation.

  • > scheduled for April 18th 2001. I’m freaking out a bit.

    Yes, you should freak out. Looks like you’re at risk of showing up ten years late!

    • Hahahaha!!! Yes, indeed. Let’s just hope I didn’t have any of those kinds of typos left in the document.