My Dissertation on Biblical Hebrew Vocabulary Learning

Thanks to Daniel and Tonya again for mentioning my vocabulary research as well as Rod.  I was going to post this when it hit SUNScholar, but I’m not sure how long that process takes.   So, for those interested in reading my dissertation, you can find it HERE.

Daniel also mentioned that I’m now using a program called ANKI. It’s open source and free … and I LOVE it.

This is part of the self critique that I would offer on my dissertation, which I addressed in my oral defense (in addition to the fact that the testing was necessarily partial).  My computer skills limited the development of new vocabulary learning materials to a significant degree, especially a good number of years back when I started the development phase.  There were no programs available at the time that allowed me to include everything that I felt like I needed to in a flashcard program.  ANKI now allows me to do that.  Much of the development from Chapter 4 has become streamlined in ANKI.  Only I’ve not been able to include listening and association exercises like those I developed for a web-based version.

If you download ANKI and would like to see the flashcards I’ve done, let me know.  I’ll send you a dropbox link.  The ANKI flashcards may not fit your course due to textbook differences, but you can use them as a template for including a variety of vocabulary learning strategies on your own cards.

If you read my dissertation, I’d be glad to dialogue with you concerning anything in the comments here or by email, etc.


  • […] those interested, I’ve posted my dissertation on Biblical Hebrew vocabulary learning HERE.  I hope some of you find it helpful and that it provides at least some benefit for students […]

  • This is awesome! I do have ANKI and would love to get your cards… could you please send me the link? I will also read your dissertation. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • Kelly,
    I sent you the DropBox invite for the ANKI cards. Let me know if you don’t receive it. Otherwise, I hope they help, and I’d be glad to answer any questions.

    • Hi Jeremy,

      I’m not sure how to import these files directly into Anki… do you have any advice? Are you aware of the “shared decks” function?

      Thanks again…

      • Kelly,
        I’m using a mac, but I just find my ANKI folder (it’s under “documents”) then drag and drop the files into the folder. I’m guessing the process would be similar on a PC. I do know that my supervisor has given students DVDs with the files on there, and they’ve been able to get them into ANKI on their computers.
        I think I’ve tried doing shared decks before if you’re referring to posting it in ANKI’s online database. I don’t think it worked because of the way ANKI stores the media files.

  • I would like your deck of cards and thanks in advance!

  • I’d love to see your cards too. Can you send me a link.

    Many thanks


  • Hi! Could you send me the link for your flash cards in anki?
    Thank you!

  • December 8, 2011 at 5.23pm.
    Hi! Could you send me the link for your flash cards in anki?
    Thank you!

  • I’d like to receive your dropbox link!
    I’m learning Hebrew now and already using Anki.

    Glad to see you are concerned with the process of language acquisition, it also occurred to me that most “methods” strike me as more based on tradition than on science. having myself learned different languages at different ages and under different circumstances for different purposes I always had a feeling that there must be a better way. I can’t but think your research will help to optimize the process for the generations to come.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Hi Jeremy, Can I have the link to your Anki flashcards? Thanks, Daniel

  • I would like a link to your anki files for Hebrew.

  • I read your dissertation. I’d love to see your anki cards. Please, send me the link so I can download them.

    • Hi Michael, I sent you the link. Glad to hear someone read it :).