Bible Software Conference Day One

As some of you know, I’m in Grand Rapids this week for a conference on the use of Bible software in the classroom and pastorate. My presentation got shifted to Wednesday, so more on that later. I’ll actually be a little bit sharper, I think, since my flight didn’t arrive until about midnight last night. That was followed by an early morning.

Today we spent most of the day interacting with participants from the German Bible Society and Werkgroup Informatica, Vrije. Universiteit. They demonstrated syntax searches using the Stuttgart Electronic Study Bible. These fellows are super sharp in their knowledge of both biblical languages and linguistics, computational and otherwise. If you haven’t given the syntax searches in a SESB a test drive, they have developed a powerful tool that works with Libronix 3.

On another note, Calvin College is a beautiful place (and contra Jim, I didn’t burst into flames when I stepped on school grounds). We are staying at the Prince Conference Center on campus. It’s making me think that the phrase “southern hospitality” might be a misnomer. The conference center staff has been superb, including a three course meal that we enjoyed in the presidential dining hall this evening.

Before dinner, we visited the famous Baker Book House. They graciously gave us $10 gift certificates, and I made it out without doing too much further damage to my wallet. They had such an incredible selection of 60% off books, though. If I didn’t have to fit everything into my suitcase on Thursday, I may have done a bit more damage.

The best part of the conference, though, has been reconnecting with some friends from last year and making a few new friends this year. So much of the learning and brainstorming happens during the breaks and over dinner. It’s great to be around such bright people who have such love for scripture that they devote the bulk of their intellect and mental energy to studying it.

More to come …