Day 3 – Graduation

You may notice that there are no pictures from day 2. That’s because we were exhausted from the trip … and our luggage got lost!!! So, we spent our first afternoon in Stellenbosch trying to get our clothes straight for graduation. Christo (my PhD supervisor) and his wife Marli were so hospitable; they provided us with everything we needed (both on this day and every day afterwards). Then, Christo braai-“ed” for us. His cooking (and choices of wine) has been incredible.

The pictures below are from day 3, my graduation day. Erica (my wife) also took a video of me going across the stage. I’ll get that up later, but the pictures will do for now. We attended the graduation ceremony (after I got to spend some time with the other PhD graduates in the Coetzenburg Rugby Club) and attended a luncheon put on by the university afterwards. I got to hear speeches by some inspirational people, like Pius Langa and Ruda Landman.

We came home and took a break, then we went to our first wine tasting. Christo gave us a good start and showed us a glimpse of what is available in terms of Stellenbosch wine tasting.