Days 10 & 11 – The Sea

On days 10 and 11, we went to visit Christo (my supervisor) and his wife Marli at Hermanus. We visited the local beach for a short time and tasted wine at La Vierge. La Vierge may have been our favorite wine tasting in South Africa. Erica even liked one of the red wines there, which is quite and achievement. A little later we went on a hike through a beautiful valley and were able to see a small waterfall. And, we came back and had a braai.

On the following day, we visited a small local craft market and visited the beach for a little while longer. After saying our goodbyes, we headed back to Stellenbosch and were fortunate to catch one last wine tasting at Waterford. This was another of our favorites because they had a wine and chocolate tasting experience, though we liked the wine at La Vierge better.

Days 12 and 13 (well, actually 13 and 14 – I didn’t start exactly with the very first day of our trip because it consisted all of travel) were our days of traveling home. I won’t include any pictures from there either. So, that brings me to the end of the South Africa pictures. I hope you’ve enjoyed them. In the next post, I’ll tell you a little about what else has been going on since we got back from South Africa …