Buying Joel’s Book = Sacrifice to Goat Demons: A Pesher for Today

I was annotating Leviticus today, and the meaning of 17:7 was readily apparent. Once you understand that Joel in his multiple personalities = the goat demons, you are on your way to understanding the text:

So they (people who have recently bought a book on mimetic criticism and the Gospel of Mark) shall no more sacrifice their sacrifices (this refers to the sacrifice of their intellect – see below) to goat demons (Joel L. Watts in his multiple personalities), after whom they whore (their whoredom consists of their sacrificing their intellects to the goat demons – Joel – by reading about Greek and mimes). This shall be a statute forever for them (said consumers) throughout their generations (the lifetime of Jeremy Thompson). Leviticus 17:7 pesher

In all seriousness, a belated congratulations to Joel on the publication of his new book!  I look forward to a trip with he and our respective families on his new yacht that he will buy with the proceeds.