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My New Year's Resolutions – Reverse Psychology Style

I never … ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever can remember keeping a New Year’s resolution.  So, this year I’m deciding to do it reverse psychology style.  Either one of two things will happen, maybe the reverse psychology will work, … or I’ll have finally come up with New Year’s resolutions I can keep.  So, here they are – I resolve to:

  1. Gain 15 pounds – I plan on accomplishing this by eating more, especially fast food and take-out while watching television, and exercising less (though I hardly see how that could be possible).
  2. Not finish my dissertation – In addition, I will also try not to publish a peer-reviewed article and present a paper at SBL.
  3. Not take over the #1 Biblioblogger spot from Jim West – I plan to do this by blogging less and personally reading Jim’s blog, more and more and more …

Well, we’ll see if the reverse psychology works out, or if these are just a bit more manageable.  Check back next year.  And, in the meantime, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you have better luck keeping you resolutions than I have in the past.

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