Presentation Topics

Personal Testimony

How a PhD in Biblical Languages grew up Roman Catholic, left and came back to the Church

The Old Testament in One Hour

By using the acronym PECK, helps listeners to grasp the main story line of the Old Testament from the Patriarchs to after the Babylonian Exile

Dark Passages in the Bible

An open discussion of the section of the most recent Church document on scripture, Verbum Domini, which addresses “dark passages” of the Bible.  Two particular topics that could be discussed are violence and gender in the Bible. This session would require some time for Q & A at the end.

Psalms – The Landscape of Prayer

Explores the Book of Psalms using the metaphor of terrain. Covers the “level ground” of the Wisdom Psalms, the “valley” of the Psalms of Lament and the “mountaintops” of the Psalms of Praise.

Answering the Prophetic Call

Explores the Prophetic call narratives of prophets like Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah and more.  Covers what the prophetic call consists of, impediments to answering the call and God’s ability to overcome those impediments.

*** These topics are only samples. Some could last only one hour, others could be expanded to be longer.  I’ve also taught before on the Pentateuch, Historical Books, Wisdom Literature and more.  Contact me if you have a more specific topic to discuss –